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About Ware

The Expat Writer

Ware History

Ware history can be traced back to Roman times.
There is also archaeological evidence of early Iron Age and possible Bronze Age settlements.
Ware is listed in the domesday book,  a survey of England carried out in 1086 by officials of William the Conquerer to assess land tax and other dues.
Ware was once the leading malting town in the country. In fact, malting was recorded in Ware as early as 1339. Ware became known as the Grannery of London because most of the malt (an essential ingredient for making beer) was supplied by Ware for the London breweries. Sadly, the malting industry started declining in the early 1900s and the last malting in Ware closed in 1994.
Ware has many interesting historial buildings such as the Ware Priory which was founded in 1338 and St. Mary's Church, which was rebuilt in 1380.
Ware also has some attractive 18th century gazebos along the banks of the River Lee.

Ware Today
The population of Ware is approximately 18,000. The town centre has one main street or the High Street as it is called in all town centres in the U.K. Ware has one large supermarket and a number of small shops plus a variety of restaurants and pubs.
The town also has two swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a large leisure centre, a library and a very small museum.  
It's easy to imagine what life was like in the past in Ware with many old buildings still standing on both sides of the narrow High Street. The old coaching inns with their tall arched entrances are reminders of the time when they were used by horse and carriage for access to the rear of the inns. Today, these same entrances are used by cars and delivery trucks.
Ware is an old market town. The market has been held every week for the past 800 years - and is still held every week, on Tuesdays, in Ware.
Ware has a carnival and parade every summer (in July) and a Dickensian festival in December.
Ware has a website: Ware Online