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Thursday, 10 February 2005
The fascinating story behind a book's success
Memory of Running by Ron McLarty is a book that I saw on a table in our local bookshop and felt drawn to. I bought it on impulse and only after I looked up a few reviews when I got home did I find out the fascinating story behind it's success. The story behind the story is just as amazing as the novel promises to be.

Please bear with me if you alrready know the fascinating and true story of how a book called The Memory of Running became a hit. It started as an audiobook--the first audio of an unpublished novel. The author, Ron McLarty is an actor and narrates audiobooks and narrated his own book. It became very popular and was praised by Stephen King. That's when publishers took notice. This is after the author had been trying to get the book published for 17 years! The book became a hit in the US and there is a deal with Warner Bros. for a movie. What an amazing story!

Posted by expat-writer at 12:01 AM GMT

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