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Saturday, 5 February 2005

Topic: Pass your books on
I know most readers can't bear to part with any of their books and I understand the feeling very well as I used to be like that. However, lack of space (English houses are small) necessitates my being brutal and parting with a good portion of my library .

I donate my book overflow to the local charity shops which always makes me feel good. Another idea is to "release" your books as BookCrossing invites you to do, meaning you deliberately leave your books in a public place to be discovered by a lucky person. A new idea but similar to bookcrossing.com is Pass the Book which works in a more personal way. You share your books with your friends and they share with their friends and so on. Each reader in the chain must promise to pass the book on and keep the chain going. Just like bookcrossing, the PasstheBook website also provides directions to copy and print and place inside the book.

Posted by expat-writer at 6:29 PM GMT

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